Poker Table Felt

Poker Table Felt

Deciding on which poker table felt to choose for your poker table is arguably the most important decision that you will making when building a poker table.  There are many different varieties of poker table felt to choose from and you want to be sure that your table is the rock star at your next poker event.  Below is a detailed list of the different types of poker table felt that you can buy for your table.

Suited speed cloth is my favorite option for a poker table felt.  This type of cloth is used for high-quality poker and blackjack tables.  The fabric is 90% cotton and 10% synthetic but doesn’t stretch.  Poker cards slide across the beautiful suited diamond design with ease.  Suited table cloth has a more durable feel to it than standard poker table felt.  The suited speed cloth comes in a variety of colors as shown below.

Some players are looking for a more traditional poker table felt that plain green and doesn’t have a pattern on it like the suited speed cloth does.  These types of felt are generally a little more ‘furry’ than their suite speed cloth counterpart.  They are also more similar to what is in a real casino.  If I have an opposition to them it is that they have a tendency to wear down in high traffic areas over time, and may need to eventually be replaced.  Definitely do not buy thick felt from a fabric store.  It will wear down very quickly and have to be replaced.

Another option may be a folding poker table top that can be stored away after your poker games. There are many high-quality options that can fit a variety of different household setups. There’s something to be said about playing on true poker table felt. It certainly beats playing on a spare sheet or plain table top.


 Poker Table Felt Winner

Overall, I really prefer the suited speed cloth as my poker table felt. The combination of the way that the cloth plays and it’s appearance really makes it stand out at my poker tournaments. My friends always comment about how professional the table looks.

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