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Posted on April 20, 2008 
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FREE PDF Containing Full Oval Poker Table Plans


FREE PDF Containing Full Octagon Poker Table Plans


Step 1 – Choose Your Poker Table Cloth (all colors are correct size for this table)


Step 2 – You need ALL 3 products below. One pad of foam is for the table padding and the other is for the table railing. The vinyl is for the rail around the table.


Step 3 – Choose Your Cupholders


Step 4 – These items can be found at your local hardware store:
– 1 4’x4’ sheet of 1/2” Pine – cheaper plywood can be substituted, but I would stay away from MDF.
– 1 4’x4’ sheet of 1/2” Birch – this will be the visible wood on the table, so make sure it’s nice. I like birch because it stains nicely and has a soft look.
– Sandpaper – fine and rough grade. I used an electric sander and was so glad that I did.
– 3M Super 77 Multipurpose Adhesive
– Miniwax wood finish – I used cherry stain
– Miniwax fast drying polyurethane
– 8 clamps that can hold together 2 pieces of plywood (roughly ¾” thick) – these aren’t necessary but make things a heck of a lot easier.
– Elmer’s wood glue.
– Banquet Table Legs – these are sold by the pair and are in a flat white box. They have them at Home Depot for sure.
– 2 paintbrushes for the stain and the poly. I spent a little extra on the poly brush.
– 1 yardstick – found in the paint dept. of Home Depot
– 12 Finishing nails – ½”
– 12, ¾” wood screws
– 12, 1 ¾” wood screws
– 12, 1 ¼” wood screws


Tools Required
– Power Drill, although a couple of screwdrivers would work too
– Electric Sander, although sandpaper will work.
– Jigsaw – a router can also be used, but I find the jigsaw works perfectly and is more common around the everyday home.
– Tape measurer
– Razorblade
– Staple Gun


FREE PDF Containing Full Oval Poker Table Plans

FREE PDF Containing Full Octagon Poker Table Plans


3 Responses to “Materials List – Octagon Poker Table”

  1. Jonathan Oaks on March 30th, 2013 5:11 pm

    quick question about youre octagon table plans. you have it mentioned in the materials list that it is a 1/4 inch pine for the table base and rail. but right before your first step you have both pieces at a half inch. I am just looking for clarification so i can make it just right.

    Thank you for your time.


  2. chris on April 4th, 2013 5:29 pm

    Sorry about that. 1/2″ pine is what I used. The birch is also 1/2″ I’ve had these plans up for over 5 years and you’re the first person to catch that. I used to sell hundreds of them, so that’s odd that I’m just now seeing this error. Thanks.

  3. Jonathan Oaks on April 4th, 2013 6:38 pm

    its all good. i am just trying to make this perfect. its my first real project, and i like the design and look of your tables. out of all the tables on the website, yours drew me in for some reason.

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