Drilling the Cupholders – Oval Poker Table

Posted on April 23, 2008 
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Place the racetrack over the playing surface. Make sure that you line the two pieces up as they were cut out of the sheet previously. I eyeballed the placement of the 10 cup holders but made sure that they were all 1 inch from the playing surface.















Trace around the bottom of the cup holder and then drill a large entry hole for the jigsaw. Cover up the playing surface before making the cut. You don’t want to get sawdust all over your new playing surface. Be very careful when making the cut. You can always cut the hole bigger, but you could be in a world of trouble if you make the initial cut too big. Continue to try and put the cup holder in the hole until it is snug.


Once you have all 10 holes cut, remove the racetrack. You should have holes that look like the one pictured to the right. You may also choose to a hole-cutter drill bit that cuts a perfect 2 ½” hole, but I have never used one personally. I don’t know if it would be able to cut through the entire thickness of the base, foam, and racetrack.



Attaching the Racetrack and Padded Rail



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