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Posted on April 23, 2008 
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This is arguably the toughest part of building the poker table. I would suggest using two people on this step. It will make it much easier and your rail will turn out much smoother.


The first step is to lay your foamed rail, upside-down, onto the back side of the whisper vinyl. The vinyl is 54” wide and will not need to be cut on the outer edges. However, the length may need to be trimmed up so that it is easier to work with.


Begin to work your way around the rail with the staple gun. I always start with a straight-away and then work myself around the oval. Make sure you are stapling the vinyl to the top of the rail lip rather than wrapping it all the way around the lip.


USE A TON OF STAPLES. I literally left left less than a ¼” between staples. I’m making it look very easy in the picture, but you need to really pull the vinyl tight to have a nice smooth rail. This is the part that can easily be botched for a beginner because they don’t spend the time to make sure it is tight. Flip the rail over every so often to make sure that you are looking good. The lip will eventually have to fit back over the racetrack.


When you get to the curves it’s ok to bunch up the excess vinyl as long as itbehind your staple, towards the center of the table. You will trim the vinyl later, so you won’t have anymore bunching.


Once the outer edge is stapled you will need to cut a large rectangle in the middle of the vinyl like the one shown in the picture. You don’t want to cut it too big though. If you do, you will be able to see the cuts once you wrap the vinyl around the inside of the rail.





Use your razorblade to cut long triangles on the inside of the rail. Once you get to the curve you will pull each individual triangle and staple it securely.















Lastly, you will need to work your way around the inside of the rail wityour stapler. Make sure you are stapling to the rail itself. If you weren’t pulling the vinyl tight before you should start now. It’s not too late to make this rail the envy of all of your friends. Flip the rail over everycouple of feet to check your progress. You can always undo the last foot or so if necessary. We are looking for clean lines and NO wrinkles. Hard work will pay off huge here. Trim off the excess vinyl and admire your new rail.


Covering the Playing Surface


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