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Posted on April 23, 2008 
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The next process can be a messy one so I suggest doing it in the yard. Lay the playing surface on the ground. Make sure that you lie it down with the correct side up because this piece will have to fit back together with the racetrack. Line up the 1/4″ foam so that it will completely cover the playing surface.









Next, use the 3M adhesive to adhere the two pieces. I attached about 2 feet at a time. Do not be shy with the adhesive. You don’t want thesepieces to come apart later.











Once the clue has dried (about 10 minutes), take a razor blade and cut off the excess foam. It is important that you make a smooth cut that is flush with the wood. Do not leave any excess.









I chose to do the next step indoors to protect the suited speed cloth. Lay the playing surface on top of the suited speed cloth. Note that the first picture is simply showing materials used. You will want to flip both pieces over before beginning. Much like you did for the padded rail, you will want to cut large triangles around the rounded part of theplaying surface. This will allow you to pull the cloth more easily and decrease bunching.














Begin to staple on one of the straight-aways and work your way around. Flip the board over occasionally to make sure that there are no wrinkles and that the pattern on the clothis lined up properly. Make sure that you are pulling the cloth very tight as you staple around the edges. The last thing you want is a wrinkle or loose area on your playing surface. Once you are done you should have a beautiful playing surface where you will hopefully make a fortune.☺




Attaching the Table Legs



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