Building the Rail – Oval Poker Table

Posted on April 23, 2008 
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The first step is that you will need to glue the 1 ½” rail lip from Sheet #2 to the 4” rail from Sheet #1. The two pieces should match up correctly, but there may be a few small discrepancies because they came from two different pieces of wood. Sand any major idown. The rail will be covered in foam and vinyl so they will not be visible.


Next, use wood glue to adhere the two pieces together. The easiest way to keep the pieces together is to use small clamps like the ones pictured to the right. I have always used 8 of them and have never had a problem. Let the rail sit overnight.


In the morning, use some finishing nails around the rail to secure it even more. I usually use about a dozen.


At this point you may want to move onto the staining portion of the plans since they will need to dry overnight also.
















Next, lay the rail on the 1” thick piece of foam. Draw a ring ¾” from the inside of the rail. Also, make an outer ring 1 ½” from the outside of the rail. Once you connect the lines it should look like the picture.


Use a razorblade to cut along the lines that you have drawn. The next step is to use the 3M spray adhesive to adhere the foam to the tof the rail. The foamed covered rail is pictured to right. Note that the plywood underneath the rail is only there to support the rail. It’s not part of the table at this point in the project.



Staining the Racetrack



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