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After a trip to Harrah’s in New Orleans, I knew that playing poker on coffee tables or old flimsy card tables would no longer suffice for my weekly poker game. I began to relentlessly research on how to build my own table. The plans that I found online left so much to the imagination. I also tried some of the more popular message boards only to get berated for being a ‘newbie’. The table plans that I originally found were either too expensive to build or did not provide enough good information that a beginning builder could use. Keep in mind that last thing that I built was a Pinewood Derby car for the Boy Scouts 20 years ago.


After several trial and error tables we have finally achieved the WOW FACTOR that I was searching for when my friends came over for poker night. It was never my intention to become the poker table guy, but I now constantly have friends asking me to help them build their own tables.


This led to us documenting the entire build process. We have created several e-books that are stuffed full of everything that you could possibly want to know about building your very own poker table. They have been an absolute success with my friends and family. Every single step is documented and also includes photos and diagrams. You won’t find better poker table plans out there.


Every bit of information you need to build your own poker table is included in our plans. Grab a hammer and let’s get to work.

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